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>>The Poultry Keepers Diary
>>Questions you should ask!
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www.commercialpoultry.co.uk :: >>Questions you should ask!

>>Questions you should ask!
Important Questions you should ask yourself in setting up a Free Range Poultry Enterprise.

We do not give advice on management, choice of equipment, use of equipment, suitability of equipment, egg contracts, marketing or definitions for poultry keeping
However, these questions may assist you.

FACT - Free Range Poultry Keeping is a 365 day a year enterprise
FACT - Free Range Poultry Keeping is a strenuous all weather outdoor job.
FACT Free Range Poultry Keeping should not be looked on as an easy way to get planning permission for a house in the country or to use up a bit of spare land.

Have you the necessary experience and qualifications?
Have you taken the correct professional advice?
Is your ground suitable?
Have you checked the suitability of the products you are buying for your particular use? Have you inspected the products?
Have you compared like for like with other manufacturers?
Do you have a local vet who understands your requirements?

Poultry require a high level of maintenance food, water, egg collection, letting out in the morning, shutting in at night etc. can you cope?
Have you got adequate qualified staff cover if you want a day off?
Are you satisfied with the price you will receive for your product?
Are you satisfied you can maintain the quality of product throughout the year that your buyers will require?
Do you satisfy local and national trading requirements for the sale of eggs or sale of live/deadstock?
Will your poultry enterprise comply with the relevant animal welfare codes?
Does your poultry enterprise comply with local government regulations local planning for example?

This list is not intended to put people off from poultry keeping, we think that these are questions that good poultry keepers should constantly ask themselves and are not limited to those starting up in the business.
This list is also not intended to be exhaustive, but a starting point.  
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